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Projects and Modules Training

All Training and Projects Modules are Available both In-Class and Live-Online.

Module.000: Linux System Administration. Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian
Learning Installation, Maintenance, Upgrade, Configure Linux based Systems. Using Advanced System Administration Tools.
Project.001: Data Structures using C with Linux and Project
Learning C/System C Programming and Data Structures using Algorithmic Approach. Thereafter, Implementing A Project.
Project.002: OOPs using C++ with Eclipse on Linux and Project
Learn in-depth C++ Programming and attain proficiency by doing 4 project at different stages using Eclipse and Linux.
Project.003: Linux System Programming, IPC and Project
learn Linux System Programming, Processes, Inter Process Communication, Synchronization and Threads
Project.004: Linux Network Programming and Project
Learn and Implement sockets in AF_UNIX, AF_INET Domains using TSP/UDP/IP protocols..
Project.005: Character Device Driver Development
Learn The Linux Device Driver Architecture and Implement Complete Character Device Driver from Scratch.
Project.008. Block Device Driver Development
Linux Block layer, IO Scheduling, Request Processiing
Project.009: Embedded Linux on ARM
Understanding ARM Architecture and Porting Linux.
Project.010: Embedded Linux ON ARM
Embedded Linux porting, configuring GUI and Boot-Loader , Calibrating Touch Screen, Tool-chain and
Module.011. Shell Scripting using Bash
Shell Scripting for System Administration, Program Source Code Control, Project Integration.
Module.012: Linux Kernel Architecture and Internals
Processes, Memory, Block IO, Devicees, Filesystem, Booting
Module.014: Linux Network Administration
Configuring Network protocols for some Network Servers like, FTP, TFTP, TELNET, SSH etc. Using network Administration Tools for Linux.
Project.015: Python using Eclipse on Linux
Learn Python , Eclipse, OOPs, Scripting, cython, debugging and Do Project.
Project.016: SPI Device Driver Development
SPI Slave Device, SPI Protocol Driver, SPI Bus Driver
Project.017: I2C Device Driver Development
Developing I2C Driver for Linux Based Embedded System
Project.018: PCI Device Driver Development
PCI Driver Initialization, Shutdown, Guest and Host Side, IRQ Generation and Handling
Project.019: Embedded Linux with ARM using TFTP Server
Porting Linux onto ARM based Board across the network using TFTPServer
Project.020.CAN Bus Protocol and Device Driver Development
Controller Area Network or CAN protocol is a method of communication between various electronic devices.
Project.021: USB Device Drivers Development
Developing USB Driver for Linux Based System for USB 3.0
Project.022: Ethernet Device Driver Development
Understand the ethernet protocol and implement the corresponding device driver
Project.023: Core Java with Eclipse on Linux
The training should be conducted using vim editor, javac, Eclipse IDE, gdb debugger and Source Code Control Tools on Linux.
Module.101: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms using C
Searching, Sorting Algorithms, Trees Graphs, Complexities
Project.103: Linux System Programming and Data Management
Learn Linux System Programming and Database Management
Project.105: Parallel Port Device Driver Development
Understand Parallel Port Architecture and Write Device Driver from Scratch.
Project.111: Advanced Shell Scripting using Bash
Learn writing effective scripts using bash for system, network and project management
Module.114: Advanced Linux Network Administration
Learn network architecture and configure advanced servers.
Project.205: Serial Port Device Driver Development
Data Sheet Interpretation, RS0232, Device Initialization and IO
Project.303: Linux System Programming
Learning to use C and Linux for Programming Systems and Devices
Project.304: Network Programming using NETLINK Sockets
Learn and Implement Networks and NETLINK sockets with associated protocols.
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