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Affiliate. Earn While You Learn

Become an Affiliate... - Earn while you learn!

Trainees and Emblogicians… Who are already Training at EmbLogic or are employees may recommend EmbLogic and it training programs to their friends and colleagues.
As a "thank you", we offer Benefits or favors to those who recommend EmbLogic to Their friends and Colleagues.
All you have to do is provide us with the contact information, of someone who's interested in Embedded Training or Projects and EmbLogic may Contact them through your reference.
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Quick Notes

What is the Affiliate Program?

  • Trainee referral is an internal recruitment method employed by EmbLogic to identify potential candidates from their existing Trainee’s social networks. A Trainee referral scheme encourages a company's existing and past Trainees to select and recruit the suitable candidates from their social networks. As a reward, the employer typically pays the referring trainee a referral bonus.
  • Recruiting candidates using trainee’s referral is widely acknowledged as being the most cost effective and efficient recruitment method to recruit candidates and as such, employers of all skills, across all industries are trying to increases the volumes they recruit through this channel.

What are the rewards?  

  • The referrer would be benefited by the Company in the form of Donation or Charity through Cheque or Cash amounting to 10% of the Course Fees.

Terms and Conditions  

  • The referrer must be an “Emblogician” (a member of EmbLogic team – Employee, Trainee or Ex-trainee).
  • The first contact with the candidate should be through the referrer.
  • The candidate must have joined EmbLogic for any Training module.
  • The referer would be benefited as and when the new joinee pays the fees.
  • The Referrer would not be benefited as and when the new candidate pays fees(full or installment).
  • The referrer would be benefited only if the referrer is a current or ex trainee and has paid full his/her fees for his/her own training and that there are no dues pending on behalf of the referrer.
  • The referrer would be benefited only if his/her conduct and discipline had been good since the joining with EmbLogic.
  • The referrer should not indulge in any sort of advertisement or promotion for referring candidate to EmbLogic.
  • The benefit would be provided within 1 week from the submission of the fees by new joinee.

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