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We believe in business... and when we do business... Honesty is The Best Policy !

Our thinking principles are basically just pure common sense. Unfortunately, it's an uncommon common sense  we work with local and nationwide companies. We cut out the small talk and keep things real, allowing us to quickly provide the talent you need.

EmbLogic helps bring products to market – quickly. Our consultants have the strong development abilities, depth of technical knowledge and practical approach to successfully handle the complexities of your project.

We have the rare mix of technical abilities, to quickly isolate and resolve integration issues, combined with communication skills to ensure there’s a free-flowing interaction between you and your technology vendors.

We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions as our experience tells us you are not likely to have off-the-shelf problems. However you choose to work with us, our experienced consultants will swiftly identify the issues and work effectively with you to get the project rolling.

Roles we support:

Portfolio Manager

Our portfolio managers are passionate about putting the best resources on the most critical projects, giving you the greatest returns.  Understanding how projects affect each other and the organization, our portfolio managers guide project managers to orchestrate excellent overall project results.

Program Manager

Our seasoned program managers bring the highest degree of business acumen and competency to manage the structure, guidance, communication and intricate interdependencies of multiple related projects that need to be managed collectively.

Project Manager

Some of the most innovative Fortune 1000 companies and Government agencies across the nation depend on our staff of certified project managers to insure their top initiatives and mission critical projects are successful and delivered on-time and on-budget.
Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Our business analysts are motivated to discover your business processes and needs, using facilitated workshops, process models and documentation.  By creating as-is and to-be models, your business will gain insights, automation opportunities and new strategies to grow and optimize your business.

Project Coordinator

Our project coordinators love making project managers shine, by making sure the project plan is current, all needed communication is performed and all information is well organized.  Being detail-oriented and organized, our project coordinators are the unsung heroes of successful projects.

Process Analyst

Our process analysts love making your business work like clockwork. They know the drivers, processes, business outcomes, and critical resources necessary to become the efficient and effective enterprise you desire. Our process analysts use facilitation, modeling and documentation to describe their findings and recommendations.

Quality Analyst

When requirements matter, our quality analysts bring a systematic approach to testing that verifies that the software does what it claims to do the way it is supposed to. Our quality analysts will make sure that quality processes are followed, giving you the satisfaction of a quality process and product.

Technical Analyst

Our technical analysts are passionate about the use of technology to help automate and enable your business processes to help you reach new levels of business performance. Given a description of your desired business process, our technical analysts develop a system description using an industry standard approach that will work in your organization.

Subject Matter Expert

After working in your industry for years in operational and leadership capabilities, our subject matter experts know what it takes to be successful and how to solve the problems you are currently facing. Our subject matter experts use the industry standard language and methods to help your business succeed and develop tools necessary for success.

Training Specialist

Continuous change in an organization requires an investment in training to keep your staff equipped to meet daily changes. Our training specialists are experienced practitioners and certified trainers in your areas of need. We deliver training that is theoretically sound and business practical and implementable.


EmbLogic is an ISO 9001:2008(QMS) (Quality Management System) Certified Company



C Programming and Data Structures on Linux

The "Project based Training in Data Structures using C on Linux" is designed to ensure that the trainee should be able to understand technical issues, relate it to real world scenarios, exhibit required skill in evolving logic, designing algorithms, solving problem and developing programs in C.

Aug 09, 2020

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