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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need this training?

We feel our current academic system doesn't emphasis much of the real world scenarios and is not keeping up the pace with the fast growing technology. Embedded Engineering needs in depth knowledge of the entire system and its operation, which can only be achieved through a practical approach in learning. This leads us to think of a training environment which can provide opportunity for people who want to learn the real-world technologies.

How does EmbLogic differ from others?

EmbLogic is not a training institute started with business as a primary motive. It's a result of people working in these technologies who are passionate to do training so as to share their real-world experiences. This makes us unique by being the only organization that can provide industrial experiences through training. As such our major focus is to become a market leader in providing various innovative embedded products and designs.

How different is this training?

Of course, what we deliver here through training is not something you can gain from books. Its something we have gained through years of industrial experience. To be more precise we do Knowledge Process Outsourcing, next step to mere training. An in-depth approach which makes you an Embedded Engineer who can open the doors to the magical world of opportunities

What kind of benefits do I get by undergoing this training?

At EmbLogic you are provided an opportunity to interact with successful people who have made considerable contribution to the growing embedded market. This will give you an idea about what actually the industry is all about and what is expected by the interviewers. Above all knowing the technology in demand will give you an edge over the others in this competitive working environment.

What if I am not satisfied with this training? Will I get a refund?

As far as training is concerned our primary motto is to give quality training. We don't want you to pay until and unless you feel that our training is good and satisfactory. Once you have made the payment, we assume that you are satisfied and there won't be any refund.

Do I get a certificate of training?

Currently, the industry is not considering any other certificates other than the degrees certificate that you hold from a recognized university. If you insist we can provide you a letter of completion saying that you have done this course during this period of time. This will not carry any academic credibility.

On completion of this training do EmbLogic provide Job or placement?

The key to get a job is - (1) to equip oneself with the skills that are in-demand in industry and (2) having clarity and confidence in knowledge you posses. At EmbLogic you get both. One, being trained by top notch people working in the industry and two, by doing dummy or real-world projects provided at EmbLogic. In addition to that, we can also provide placement guidance with mock interviews and tests. Above all we might recruit you if there is a requirement in-house.

My academic is very bad, will this training help me to override that and build a more promising resume for my recruiters?

First it depends on who is your recruiter. If the company is a service provider they are more concerned about your academic achievements before testing your technical skills/ability. If it's a product based company, good projects on your resume will count. We can provide you real-world projects that might interest your recruiters on completion of the course. The value of these projects is based on the clarity you have while doing them.

Will you undertake student projects?

We undertake only industrial projects. We can provide guidance to student projects.

Will you provide me a project and explain that to me?

We will provide an opportunity for you to work on at least one dummy or real-world project. We have sufficient infrastructure and we can provide guidance.

What kind of hardware infrastructure is available?

We have 8051, 89C51 and ARM 7 microcontrollers. We also have ARM8 and ARM9 based boards with different configuration which are used in various embedded applications. We also have our custom designed ARM boards. You can use these boards to do a project on completion of the course.

Will I get personal attention during the course if I am unable to understand certain topics?

Learning curve and pace is different for every individual therefore we will provide personal attention to each of you to clarify your doubts.

Do I need to have experience in certain embedded modules for attending this course?

Not at all! Knowledge in Microprocessor and Operating System will be an added advantage.

What if I don't know the basics of C programming?

You need to know basics of C. We can provide you training on C with data structures so as to give you a head start.

I am a fresher, is this course ideal for me?

Being a fresher you should, provided you know the C programming language.

Will you provide training materials?

We will be providing some books on topics discussed in class. These materials is designed and customized by us based on current industrial trends.


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