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Project.009: Embedded Linux on ARM using Storage

Embedded Linux Development with ARM

Program Overview

This specialized course is meticulously designed to introduce aspiring engineers to the world of embedded Linux on ARM processors. Covering foundational topics like ARM architecture, embedded Linux basics, cross-compilation toolchains, and bootloaders, particularly U-boot, the course aims to equip participants with the skills to configure, compile, and boot a Linux kernel tailored for ARM devices. Additionally, it delves into creating root filesystems with BusyBox, cross-compiling libraries and applications, and utilizing Buildroot for efficient development.

Target Audience

 Aspiring engineers with 0 to 1 years of relevant experience interested in embedded systems.
 Graduates in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and related fields looking to specialize in embedded Linux.
 Hobbyists and enthusiasts aiming to gain formal training in embedded Linux development.


 20 sessions, each lasting 1 hour.
 Every Session follows-up with an assignment.
 The course will culminate in a project leveraging embedded Linux on ARM for a real-world application.

Learning Objective

Participants will:
 Understand ARM embedded processors' architecture and its significance in the embedded world.
 Gain foundational knowledge in embedded Linux.
 Learn to build a cross-compiling toolchain and understand C libraries' role in embedded systems.
 Master bootloader functionalities with a focus on U-boot.
 Configure, cross-compile, and boot a Linux kernel on ARM devices.
 Create a simple, BusyBox-based root filesystem from scratch.
 Acquire skills in cross-compiling libraries and applications for embedded systems.
 Understand and apply Buildroot in the embedded Linux development process.


 Basic understanding of Linux command line.
 Introductory knowledge of C programming.
 Familiarity with basic concepts of computer architecture and operating systems.
 The candidate must have completed following modules

Course Curriculum

 ARM Embedded Processors Architecture
 Overview of ARM architecture and its ecosystem in embedded systems.
 Programmers Model
 Memory and System Architecture
 Virtual Memory System Architecture
 Introduction to Debug Architecture
 Introduction to Embedded Linux
 Understanding the Linux kernel in the context of embedded systems.
 Embedded Linux Architecture
 Host-target Setups and Debug Setups
 Cross-compiling Toolchain and C Libraries
 Introduction to Cross-Compilation
 Building a cross-compiling toolchain for ARM.
 Introduction to C libraries in embedded development.
 Integrating C Libraries with the Toolchain
 Hands-On Lab: Building and Testing a Cross-Compiled Application
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 Bootloaders with a Focus on U-boot
 Overview of Bootloaders in Embedded Systems
 Configuring and Building U-boot
 Deploying and Customizing U-boot
 Hands-On Lab: U-boot in Action
 Configuring and using U-boot for embedded devices.
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 Linux Kernel for ARM Devices
 Understanding the Linux Kernel Architecture for ARM
 Setup, Configuring the Kernel for ARM Targets
 Cross-Compiling the Linux Kernel
 Booting the Linux Kernel on ARM Devices
 Hands-On Lab: From Kernel Configuration to Booting
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 Creating a BusyBox-based Root Filesystem
 Introduction to BusyBox and Root Filesystems
 Configuring BusyBox for Embedded Use
 Compiling and Installing BusyBox
 Creating a Minimal Root Filesystem
 Hands-On Lab: Building and Booting with a BusyBox-based Root Filesystem
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 Cross-compiling Libraries and Applications
 Introduction to Cross-Compilation Environment
 Setting Up a Cross-Compiling Toolchain
 Cross-Compiling Libraries for ARM Devices
 Cross-Compiling Applications for Embedded Linux
 Hands-On Lab: Cross-Compiling and Deploying an Application
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 Utilizing Buildroot for Embedded Development
 Introduction to Buildroot
 Configuring Buildroot for Your Project
 Building a Custom Linux System with Buildroot
 Customizing and Adding Packages to Buildroot
 Hands-On Lab: Creating an Embedded Linux System with Buildroot
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 Project Workshop
→ Planning and initiating a project that applies course concepts to solve a real-world problem.
 Continued Learning, Labs, and Project Completion
→ Deep dives into each topic with practical labs and assignments.
→ Progressive development of the course project, leading to a final presentation.

Course Wrap-Up

 Review of key concepts and skills acquired.
 Final project presentation and feedback.
 Guidance on continuing education and next steps in embedded Linux and ARM development.

Course Delivery

 Online: Custom LMS for theoretical lessons and recorded materials.
 In-person: Hands-on labs and real-time debugging in a classroom setting.
 Hybrid: Online theory sessions supplemented by in-person or virtual labs.

Training Methodology

 Lectures: Comprehensive slides and notes on both theoretical concepts and practical applications.
 Hands-On Labs: Lab exercises and projects to provide hands-on experience in embedded Linux development.
 Reading Assignments: Curated resources for deeper understanding.
 Videos: Tutorials demonstrating key concepts and techniques in embedded Linux development.


Upon completion, trainees will be able to:
 Understand and apply the principles of ARM architecture and embedded Linux.
 Configure, compile, and boot an embedded Linux system on ARM hardware.
 Develop and debug applications for embedded Linux environments.
 Complete a project that demonstrates their ability to integrate knowledge and skills in creating an embedded Linux solution on ARM platforms.

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