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Project based Industrial Trainings. 4/6 weeks

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EmbLogic offers Project based Industrial Training in the following streams

Embedded Linux with ARM
Embedded Linux is the use of Linux in electronics and electromechanical devices. You learn creating, configuring and porting Embedded OS onto such devices.
Data Structures using C Programming with Linux
This training aims at imparting, ingraining efficient programming skills and ability to develop logic and convert logic to programs using Linux, gcc and gdb.
OOPs using C++ with Eclipse on Linux
This Training presents modern C++ programming techniques from basics to advanced level like standard library. The program design and language is taught using g++ compiler, QT cross-platform application framework on Linux.
Python with Eclipse on Linux
This training aims at imparting, ingraining efficient programming and scripting skills useful for automating tasks and ability to convert logic to programs.
Character Device Driver Development
This training program is designed to help you learn and implement a complete character device driver and insert it into the kernel. It will be used to establish communication between devices interacting character by character.
Parallel Prot Device Driver Development
Understanding the Linux device Driver architecture and then implementing the complete driver from scratch.
Linux System & Network Administration
This training program helps you learn about managing Linux based system and networks administration. Eight different Linux based server configurations should be covered.
Advanced Device Driver Development
This training program helps to learn three different types of Linux device drivers... Parallel port, Serial Port and Block device drivers. These drivers would be implemented from scratch and inserted into kernel.
Linux System & Network Programming
The training would help in learning system programming, processes, inter-process communication, synchronization, threads and netwprk programming using sockets and TCP/IP
Linux System and N/W Programming
This project based program consists of Linux system/network administration, C using gcc and gdb, C++ using g++, QT and Linux, Shell Scripting using bash, Linux system programming, networking and network programming. An ideal program for fresh engineering graduates.
CoreJava with Eclipse on Linux
The Java SE 7 Fundamentals course was designed to enable students with little or no programming experience to begin to learn programming using the Java programming language
Android Application Development
Android is the world's most popular mobile platform. This Project based training program covers Android architecture in detail and an Android based application will be crested.
Linux System Administration (5 working Days)
Become a Linux System Administrator. Start working on Linux based Systems. Install, configure, maintain and upgrade Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian. Learn all 3 flavors of Linux together.
Designing using AutoCAD
AutoCAD is a commercial software application used to draft 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional models with the aid of a computer. We provide hands on Project based Training for the same
SCADA is an industrial automation & supervision control system used in many modern industries today. SCADA works well in many different types of enterprises because SCADA scales from simple configurations to complex projects.
Programmable Logic Controller, PLC
The PLC training would be provided on AllenBradley, Seimens, Delta, Fatek, Mitsubishi. State of the art Lab for making you more hands-on.
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