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Linux System and Network Programming - 6 Months Program

A Project based Training Program (6 months)

"Linux System and Network Programming" is a Hands-on, project based career oriented, training program.

Training Objective:

  • This course is designed to ensure that students of Engineering College with academic capabilities will have the skill set needed to deal with the challenges involved in real-world program design and associated Operating Systems, languages to meet the needs of industries both today and in the future.
  • The course considers Linux as a stable and progressive operating system and tries to build your career using it as a platform.
  • The course is taught mainly using the Linux o.s., bash shell, C and C++ programming languages and understanding / implementing networking concepts. 
It consists of the following training modules and projects:-​





Module / Project Name


(2 Hrs)


(4 Hrs)

1. 00 Linux System and Network Administration. click for details... 5 5
2. 01 Data Structures using C with Linux, click for details... 25 25
3. 02 OOPs and Data Structures with C++ using QT and Linux. click for details... 15 15
4. 11 Shell Scripting using Bash. click for details... 8 8
5. 03 Linux Programming, Client server Implementation using IPC and Threads. click for details... 10 10
6. 04 Networking and Network Programming using Sockets. click for details... 10 10
    Projects Debugging and Optimization 17 17
    Total Sessions/Labs 90 90
    Hours Sessions/Labs 180 360
    Total Duration in Hours 540 Hours


  • After the training is over, You Should be able to do this. click here...
  • EmbLogic would issue/provide the following:-
    • Project Report for Submitting into their college.
    • Project presentaation and demonstration assistance.
    • Completed Project (by the trainee).
    • Certificate of Completion for the training and Project as mentioned above.




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