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Data Structures using C with Linux

A Project based Training Program

"Data Structures with C using Linux" is an intensive, Hands-on, project based, training program for BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech from the streams of Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technologies, Instrumentation, BCA, MCA.

This training aims at imparting, ingraining efficient programming skills and ability to convert logic into algorithms and then onto programs.

The training should be conducted using vim editor, gcc compiler, gdb debugger and Source Code Control Tools on Linux Operating System. The classroom session are followed by assignments and a hands on project.


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Salient Features of Training Program

Training Objective:

  • This short course is designed to ensure that the trainees with academic capabilities will have the skill set needed to deal with the challenges involved in real-world Programming using C, gcc, associated data structures and debugging techniques using gdb on Linux to meet the needs of industries both today and in the future.
  • The trainees should be able to develop logic and convert logic into algorithms and then to programs.
  • The course is taught mainly using the vim editor, gcc compiler, gdb debugger with Linux operating system.


  • Good IQ and Aptitude is required. Ability to use computer systems, general understanding about operating system concepts are assumed.


The Duration of Training would be:
  • 6 weeks
  • 30 working days.
  • There would be
    • 37 Online Live Classroom Sessions of 1 hours each
Training Methodology:
  • Hands on approach to training, behaviorial model of training would be practiced.
  • Every Session would be followed by a programming assignment
  • During the training, the Trainee would implement a projects related C programming on Linux.
  • Comitment to Individual growth and constant evaluation.
  • Implementation of programming techniques through a Project.


After the training is over the trainee should be able to:-

  • Linux System Administration
    • Install Linux OS fedora,Ubuntu & Debian
    • Do User administration (setup and maintaining account), 
    • Maintain systems, Verify ports and peripherals, 
    • monitor system performance,
    • Create and mantain file-systems, 
    • Install software and do software management,
    • create a backup and recover policy,  
    • monitor Linux n/w communication, configure remote login services,
    • update system as soon as new version of OS and application Software comes out,
  • Shell Scripting using Bash
    • Build Shell Scripts using Bash from scratch
    • Use structured commands, 
    • Handle user input,
    • Debug Shell Scripts
    • Understand advanced bash shell commands, Environment variables, and Linux File Permissions
    • Present data, run and control Scripts with Ease
    • Create functions / graphics using scripts
    • Configure and use make, makefile
  • ​​​​​​​C Programming and Data Structues
    • Comfortable with respect to programming in C.
    • Able to Implement and use Data Structures using C.
    • Proficient in Advanced data Structures in C.
    • Having good understanding about gcc compiler.
    • debug complex C programs using gdb.
    • Adept with Project Management tools.
    • Efficient with Source Code Control tools.

EmbLogic would issue/provide the following:-

  • Project Report for Submitting into their college.
  • Project presentation and demonstration assistance.
  • Completed Project (by the trainee).
  • Certificate of Completion for the training and Project as mentioned above.

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