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Linux System and Network Software Development

Linux System and Network Software Development is a projects based career oriented training program. It aims to prepare an engineer, that should be expert in System software and Network software design.
System software is a collection of computer programs that are designed to run a computer’s or eny electro-mechanical device's hardware and application programs. If we think of the computer system as a layered model, the system software is the interface between the hardware and user applications.
Network software, is software that facilitates, enhances or interacts with a computer network. One type of networking software allows computers, provide mechanism to communicate with one another, while another type of networking software provides users access to shared programs. Networking software is a key component of today's computer networks, including the Internet. Understanding the types of networking software and associated network protocols is the first step in understanding how the computer network really works.

Salient Features of The Training Program:


Training Objective:

Through quality sessions and intensive practical labs followed by projects this course aims at making the trainees... Expert in providing solutions using Linux System Administration, Linux Network Administration, Shell Scripting using Bash, Data Structures using C, OOPs using C++, Linux System Programming, Linux Network Programming

Pre Requisite:

  • An Engineering Degree (completed or persuing in the stream of: Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Instrumentation or Master of Application (MCA).
  • A prior knowledge of basic Electronics, any microprocessor or microcontroller should help.
  • General understanding about operating system concepts is assumed.

Training Delivery:

The Training would be delivered through Clasroom Training with Lab or Live Online Training.



Training / Course Contents

Sl No

Modules / Project



Linux System Administration.   click here for more...



Data Structures using C with Linux.   click here for more...



OOPs using C++ with Linux and Eclipse click here for more ...



Linux System Programming.   click here for more...



Networking and Linux based Network Programming.   click here for more...



Shell Scripting using Bash.   click here for more...



Total Duration


Training Methodology:

  • Hands on approach to training, behaviorial model of training would be practiced.
  • During the training, the Trainee would implement 4 different projects related to various modules.
  • Commitment to Individual growth and constant evaluation.

Training Duration:

  • The duration of training would be 3 months (approx)
  • There would be
    • 120 Classroom Sessions of 1 Hours each.
    • 50 Assignments
    • A C, LInux based Project.


Training Resources ...

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