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LSNSD. Networking and Network Programming

Projet based Career Oriented Training


Linux System and Network Software Development

Module 5: Linux Network Programming using Sockets & NW Protocols


A network administrator, sometimes is responsible for keeping an organization's computer networkup to date and running smoothly. Any company or organization that uses multiple computers or software platforms needs a network admin to coordinate the different systems. This training  module considers various aspects of network designs and servers required for data and nodes control. This project based training concentrates on various types of sockets programming like raw, tcp sctp, IPv4, IPv6 and broadcasting sockets and associated protocols.

Training Contents for Module 5: Linux Network Programming using Sockets & NW Protocols

  • ​​Understanding The The Linux networking stack
    • Linux based Sockets
    • Elementary Sockets
    • TCP Sockets
    • UDP Sockets
    • SCTP sockets
  • Implement TCP client / server model
    • IO Multiplexing
    • Select and Poll
  • Understand socket options like...
    • getsockapt, setsockapt, socket states,  generis socket options
  • IP Sockets
    • IPv4 Sockets
    • ICMPv6 sockets
    • IPv6 sockets
    • fcntl
  • Implementing SMTP client / server model, name and address conversions
    • IPv4 and IPv6 inter-operability
  • Client-Server Architectures
    • IPv4 client - IPv6 server,
    • IPv6 client - IPv4 server,
    • IPv6 Address,  
    • Testing Macros,
    • Source Code Portability
    • Deamon Processes and inetd Superserver
  • Advanced IO functions
    • Non-blocking IO
    • ioctl operations
  • Routing Sockets
  • Key Management Sockets
  • Broadcasting Sockets
  • Multicasting using Sockets

Other Modules in LSNSD Training are as follows.

Training / Course Contents
Sl No Modules / Project Classes Labs Hours
1 Linux System Administration.   click here for more... 5 5 25
2 Data Structures using C with Linux.   click here for more... 30 40 190
3 Linux System Programming.   click here for more... 15 20 95
4 Networking and Linux based Network Programming.   click here for more... 10 15 70
5 Shell Scripting using Bash.   click here for more... 10 5 30
6 Linux System and Network Administration.   click here for more... 10 10 50
  Total Duration 100 120 580


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