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LSNSD: After Training

After The Linux System and Network Software Development is Over The Trainee should be able to

  • Install fedora, debian and ubuntu systems,
  • do User administration (setup and maintaining account),
  • Maintain systems,
  • Verify that peripherals are working properly,
  • Quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure,
  • Monitor system performance,
  • Create file systems, take backup and restore,
  • Install software and do software management,
  • Create a backup and recover policy,
  • Monitor Linux network communication,
  • Update system as soon as new version of OS and application software comes out,
  • Implement the policies for the use of the computer system and network
  • Setup security policies for users,
  • Have a strong grasp of computer security (e.g. firewalls and intrusion detection systems),
  • Comfortable with respect to programming in C,
  • Able to Implement and use Data Structures using C,
  • Proficient in Advanced data Structures in C,
  • Having good understanding about gcc compiler,
  • debug complex C programs using gdb,
  • Adept with Project Management tools,
  • Efficient with Source Code Control tools,
  • Build Shell Scripts using Bash from scratch
  • Use structured commands, 
  • Handle user input,
  • Debug Shell Scripts
  • Understand advanced bash shell commands, Environment variables, and Linux File Permissions
  • Present data, run and control Scripts with Ease
  • Create functions / graphics using scripts
  • Do Scripting using sed, awk, gawk & regular expressions efficiently
  • Configure and use make, makefile
  • Implement FTP Server, TFTP Server, CVS Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server, NFS Server, Apache Web Server, Configuring Proxy Server, A Database
  • Understand  Process Duplication, Process Replacing
  • work with InterProcess Communication: Pipes, Fifo, Message Queues, Shared Memory.
  • Implement synchronization using semaphores and mutexes
  • Understand the concept of Threads, Threads Attributes, Threads Synchronization
  • Implement FTP based network programming involving Sockets, Advanced Family Protocols: AF_UNIX, AF_INET
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