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Socket programming based Home Automation

The main aim of this project is to implement Socket programming using Embedded linux based boards using beagle bone as server and pc as a client. The entire electrical system like home appliances are interfaced to Server (Beagle bone black) using relay electronics system.There will be authentication system for accessing the server like user id and password which will be provided by  user through client.The enhancement of authentication system will be based on shell scripts.The user can control any appliance at any time from linux terminal.The user will run application based code which is interfaced to the Client program by providing basic authentication. An acknowledgement is also provided to user to monitor the status of the Appliance by server.The protocol used here is TCP (Transmission Control protocol)Client Server model, The Client will send the request to server.The Server process takes a request from the client. After getting a request from the client, this process will perform the required processing, gather the requested information, and send it to the requester client. The user will provide some input data by command line arguments to application Client.The beagle bone Server application will be automated after initial boot power-on with the help of bashRC Scripting.

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