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socket using AF_INET

RCS file: server_inet.c,v
Working file: server_inet.c
head: 1.8
locks: strict
root: 1.8
access list:
symbolic names:
keyword substitution: kv
total revisions: 8; selected revisions: 8
this the file for srver
revision 1.8 locked by: root;
date: 2015/04/11 06:49:58; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1
here now,performing the reading
revision 1.7
date: 2015/04/11 06:47:43; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1
here givingf the accept(),so that a particular socket can be created for processing the particular req from the client side
this call will creat the socket that would connect to that particular req
revision 1.6
date: 2015/04/11 06:45:31; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1
*** empty log message ***
revision 1.5
date: 2015/04/11 06:44:31; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +2 -2
giving the listen(),so that the reaquest from the side of the client can be listed in the list queue
revision 1.4
date: 2015/04/11 06:42:56; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +2 -2
giving the socket call
so that a socket will be created which will return a socket fd
giving the bind call,which will give the name to the socket which we have been created,
so the socket created here will be the named socket
revision 1.3
date: 2015/04/11 06:42:15; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1
defining the structure variables sin.family,port and addr
revision 1.2
date: 2015/04/11 06:40:39; author: root; state: Exp; lines: +1 -1
included the header files
defining the variables
revision 1.1
date: 2015/04/11 06:39:30; author: root; state: Exp;
Initial revision

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