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Installation to Fedora 29

Installation to Fedora 29

  • Following are the minimum requirements for Fedora 29 workstation :-

  • Recommended 2 GHz Dual Core processor.

  • 2 GB RAM.

  • 15 GB unallocated Hard Disk.

  • Bootable Media (USB / DVD).

  • Installation steps :-

(Step1) :- Download the fedora 29 workstation ISO file :

Once the ISO file is downloaded ,then burn it either in USB or DVD and make it bootable.

(Step2) :- Boot your system with bootable media (USB or DVD) :–

Reboot your system.Set the boot medium as USB or DVD from Bios settings so system boots up with bootable media.

(Step3) :- Choose Start Fedora-Workstation-Live- 29 :–

When the system boots up with bootable media then to begin with installation on your system’s hard disk, choose “Start Fedora-Workstation-29 Live

(Step4) :-Select Install to hard drive option :–

Select “Install to Hard Drive” option to install Fedora 29 on your system’s hard disk, you can also try Fedora on your system without installing it, for that select “Try Fedora” Option.

(Step5) :- Choose appropriate language for your Fedora 29 Installation :–

In this step choose your language which will be used during Fedora 29 Installation.

(Step6) :- Choose Installation destination and partition scheme :–

  • In this step we will choose our installation destination, means on which hard disk we will do installation.
  • In the next screen we will see the local available hard disk, select the disk that suits your installation and then choose how you want to create partitions.
  • If you choose “Automatic” partition scheme, then installer will create the necessary partition for your system automatically but if you want to create your own customize partition scheme then choose “Custom” option.CLICK ON DONE !
  • Now I show u that how to create LVM(Local Volume Manager) based custom partitions :–

In my case,

I have around 779 GiB unallocated hard drive, so I will be creating following partitions on it :-

  • /home         >>> 450 GiB
  • /(root)        >>> 240 GiB
  • boot/efi     >>>2 GiB
  • /boot         >>> 2 GiB
  • /var           >>> 50 GiB
  • swap         >>> 24 GiB


(Step7) :- Select the time zone and begin installation :–

  • Here you can select the time zone which suits to your system and click on “Begin Installation”.
  • In this step we can see Fedora 29 Installation has been started and it is in progress.
  • Once the Installation is completed, you will be prompted to restart your system.
  • Click on Quit and reboot your system.

Don’t forget the Change boot medium from Bios settings so your system boots up with hard disk.

(Step8) :- Set User name and Password and Start using Fedora 29. :–

  •  Now specify the local account (user name) and its password, later this account will be used to login to the system.
  • Click on Next

And finally, we will get below screen which confirms that we are ready to use Fedora 29.

  • Click on “Start Using Fedora

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