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C Language

Basic of C language

C is a general-purpose programming language. It is extremely popular, simple and flexible. It is machine-independent, structured programming language which is used extensively in various applications.C is the basics language to write everything from operating systems (Windows and many others) to complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter and more.

Where is C used? And key Applications….

  1. Most of the applications by Adobe are developed using ‘C’ programming language.
  2. It is used to develop databases. MySQL is the most popular database software which is built using ‘C’.
  3. It is used in developing an operating system. Operating systems such as Apple’s OS Microsoft’s Windows, and Symbian are developed using ‘C’ language. It is used for developing desktop as well as mobile phone’s operating system.

  4. C’ language is widely used in embedded systems.

  5. It is used for developing system applications.

why it is necessary to learn C language first ??

  1. It is mother language of all other language like Pyhton , Java,PHP etc …..

  2. It is low programming level language close to machine language.

  3. It is procedure and structure oriented language.

  4. With the help of C language hardware resources most efficiently used because it is highly compatible with hardware..

  5. It is highly portable. So it can be used more than one hardware with same source code.

Best carrier option : -

The career in C programming is good. Mainly the programmers need the technical skill in C programming to write and develop the software programs that can be used across different platforms to control the flow of data to retrieve or store. C programming has a very good career like opportunities in different field like robotics, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning etc .The C programmers not only work in the field of computer only, but they can also pursue their career in Education, teaching, Government sectors, etc. as some of the programmers have a different specialization like in system analysis, project management, information systems, etc. The career in C programmers is continuously growing because of the rapid social, business and technology changes.

Real life application of C language

If you buy a feature loaded car then

  • tire pressure detection systems

  • sensors (oxygen, temperature, oil level, etc.)

  • memory for seats and mirror settings.

  • dashboard display

  • anti-lock brakes

  • automatic stability control
  • climate control

  • child-proof locks

  • keyless entry

  • heated seats

  • airbag control

All these lies under embebbed system programmed in Embedded C language.

Conclusion: -

The world is running on C-powered devices. Its versatility, efficiency and good performance makes it an excellent choice for high complexity data manipulation software.It’s closeness to the hardware, great portability and deterministic usage of resources makes it ideal for low level development for such things as operating system kernels and embedded software. The C programming language doesn’t seem to have an expiration date.

The fact that many programming languages today are better than C for their intended use doesn’t mean that they beat C in all areas. C is still unsurpassed when performance is the priority.


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