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Basic of c language

Introduction to C:-

C is a general purpose high level programming language used to develop portable applications and firmware. It is originally designed to develop system software and operating systems. C was invented by Dennis’s Ritchie at bell labs in the 1972s. C has a primary application of Unix operating system. C have a main features low-level access to memory, simple set of keywords and clean style. Because of these features, this language is a suitable language for operating system development. After C, I follow the syntax of many developed language PHP, Java, Java script etc. C was initially used for system development work, particularly program of the system operating system. C was adopted a system language because it produce code that runs nearly as fast as the written code of assembly language.

Developing programs using c requires software called integrated development environment (IDE) such as turbo c, codeblocks, visiual studio etc. the integrated development environment mainly three programs:

1. Text editor 2. Compiler 3.Debugger.

1 . Text editor :- it is used to type of instructions of program which is called of source code. Source code is stored in c file.

2. compiler:- it is used to translate instructions of program into machine language which is called binary code.

3. Debugger:- it is used to find bugs(errors) within programs.

Keyword:- keywords are p redefined word for performing various type of c. there are total 32 keywords

available in c. example :- char,float,int etc.

Variable:- variable are new words created by us for storing data. Its value changes during execution programs. Example :-a,b,c, num, sum etc.

Constant:- Constant refer to the fixed value of that does not change during execution of program. No matter where we use it in program, it meaning always remains same. Example :-5, 34.33, -71 etc.

Operator :- symbols that are used to perform operations between variable are called operators. Example:- +,-,*, / = etc.

Application and Uses Language:-

C is mainly used to develop system software such as operating system, compiler etc. But it can also be used for developing and kind of application software such as commercial, scientific, games etc.

Advantage of C Language:-

1. C language is a building block for many other currently known language. C language has variety of data types and powerful operator. Due to this, program written in c language are efficient,fast and easy to understand.

2. C is highly portable language. This means that c programs written for one computer can easily run on another computer without any change or by doing a little change.

3. There are only 32 keywords in ANSI c and its strength in built in functions,several standard functions are available which can be used for developing program.

Disadvantage of C:-

1. C does not have concept of oops, that’s why c++ is developed.

2. there is no run time checking in c language.

3. there is no strict type checking.

4. C does not have the concept of name space.

5. C does not have the concept of constructor or destructor.


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