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Introduction to Project 12: A Linux Kernel Architecture and Internals based Project


Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging is designed to provide experienced programmers with a solid understanding of the Linux kernel. Upon mastering this material, you will have a basic understanding of the Linux architecture, kernel algorithms, hardware, process management, network stack in the kernel, memory management, modularization techniques, poweromanagement and debugging. It includes extensive hands-on exercises and demonstrations designed to give you the necessary tools to develop and debug Linux kernel code.


Linux Architecture and Internals.

This project is aimed at detailed introduction of the Linux Kernel from top to its bottom, starts with Process Address Space concept then how a user space applications enters into the kernel using system call reaching their destiny output with the help of virtual file-system layer entering into their actual work, how process are getting Managed, Scheduled, the Kernel Data Structures associated with these layers. Introduction to Advance Mechanisms like Proc, Sysfs,Ioctl, Interrupts, Creating kernel Threads using Softirqs, Tasklets, Work Queues, Timers with Synchronization techniques.



  •    This project is designed to ensure that students of Engineering College with academic capabilities will have the skill set needed to deal with the challenges involved in real-world linux kern development strategies to meet the needs of industries both today and in the future.
  •    The project considers Linux kernel and configuration, building strategies which can help to ensure that such techniques are reliable and act as a stable platform for embedded ot applications development.
  •    The course is taught mainly using the Linux operating system, C, gcc, gdb and PC emulated as an embedded device.


  • Education:
    • ​BE, B Tech in ECE, EEE, CSE, IT or MCA.
    • ​Basic understanding about the operating systems concepts ais assumed.
    • The trainee must have completed project 00.


  •  This project should complete in 10 working days.
  •  There would be 10 classes of 2 hours each.
  •  There would be 10 Labs of 6 hours each.

Training Topics in brief:

  •     Introduction and Overview of Linux Kernel
  •     Linux Boot process for x86 Architecture
  •     Linux Boot process for ARM Architecture
  •     Linux Kernel Architecture
  •     Process Management and Scheduling
  •     Memory Management:
  •     Virtual Process Memory
  •     File I/O:
  •     Buffered I/O:
  •     Signals:
  •     Debugging:
  •     Locking and Inter-Process Communication:
  •     POSIX Threads:
  •     Networks and Network Programming
  •     Device Drivers
  •     Interrupts and Exceptions:
  •     The Virtual File system:
  •     Extended Filesystem Family
  •     Filesystem without persistant Storage
  •     Extended Attributes and Access Control Lint
  •     System Calls
  •     Timing Measurements
  •     Page and Buffer Cache
  •     Data Synchronization
  •     Page Reclaim and Swapping
  •     Auditing

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