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Data Structures with C using Linux, vim, gcc, gdb, SCCT

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C and Embedded Linux with ARM

Module 2: Data Structures using C with Linux


C is a general-purpose computer programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the UNIX operating system.  Although C was designed for implementing system software as it works well close to hardware. It is suppotrted for almost all computer architectures. C has greatly influenced many other popular programming languages, most notably C++, which originally began as an extension to C. In this training we practice behaviorial model of training and keep the trainees hands on to the C coding syntax and standards. Data structures would be implemented in depth with descent variations. There would be an assignment after every session. Finally a project would be implemented for optimizing learning and adopting good debugging strategies.

Training Contents:

  • C Programming Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Linux
    • Introduction to Structured Programming
    • C language, syntax and semantics
    • Variables and Scope
    • Conditionals
    • Loops and Iterations
    • Arrays
    • Strings
    • Structured Programming using Functions
    • Pointers and References
    • Pointers and References with Arrays and Strings
    • Pointers and References with functions
    • Macros and Preprocessors
  • User Defined Data Structures -
    • Structures
    • Enumerators
    • Unions
    • Bitfields
  • Advanced Data Structures
    • Singly Linked lists
    • Doubly Linked Lists
    • Circular Linked Lists
  • Stacks and Queues
    • Stacks
    • Expression parsing
    • Queues
    • Circular Queues
  • Searching Techniques
    • Linear Search
    • Binary Search
    • Interpolation Search
    • Hash Table
  • Sorting Techniques
    • Mergesort
    • Shellsort
    • Quicksort
  • Graphs
    • Graph Data Structure
    • Directed Graphs
    • Depth First Traversal
    • Breadth First Traversal
  • Trees
    • Tree Data Structure
    • Tree Traversal
    • Binary Search Tree
    • AVL Tree
    • Spanning Tree
    • Heap

Other Modules in C and Embedded Linux with ARM Training are as follows.

Sl No Module / Project Sessions Labs Hours

Linux System Administration.   click here for more...

5 5 30

Data Structures with C using Linux, vim, gcc, gdb, SCCT.   click here for more...

25 35 190

Shell Scripting using Bash.   click here for more...

10 5 52

Linux Network Administration.   click here for more...

5 5 30

Embedded Linux ARM, Configuring and Porting using Storage.   click here for more...

10 10 60

An Embedded Linux on ARM, Configuring GUI and Interfaces.   click here for more...

10 10 60
  Total 65 70 410


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