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ELKIADD:011.Shell Scripting using Bash

Projet based Career Oriented Training


Embedded Linux Kernel Internals with ARM and Device Drivers

Module 03: Shell Scripting  using Bash


The shell is a command interpreter. More than just the insulating layer between the operating system kernel and the user, it's also a fairly powerful programming language. A shell program, called a script, is an easy -to- use tool for building applications by "gluing together" system calls, tools, utilities, and compiled binaries. Virtually the entire repertoire of UNIX commands, utilities, and tools is available for invocation by a shell script. Shell scrip ts are especially well suited for administrative system tasks and other routine repetitive tasks not requiring the bells and whistles of a full-blown tightly structured programming language. This training concentrates on developing the understanding and programming skills for shell scripting using Bash shell.

Training Contents for Module 3: Shell Scripting using Bash

  • ​Introduction to Bash Shell
  • Basics For Shell Scripting on Linux
  • Tools to Edit Shell Scripts
  • Writing Scripts
    • Referencing Variables
    • Looping and Iteration
    • Conditions with if and case
    • Looping using While and Until
  • Interacting with the Environment
    • Examining Environment Variables
    • Customizing Your Account
    • Handling Command-Line Arguments
    • Making Scripts Executable
  • Scripting with Files
    • Working with File Modes
    • Testing Files with the test Command
    • Here Files and Interactive Programs
  • Creating Command Pipelines 
  • Shell Scripting Functions
    • Defining Functions
    • Using Functions
    • Using Arguments with Functions
    • Using Return Codes with Functions
    • Variable Scope: Think Globally, Act Locally
    • Understanding Recursion
  • Command Options and Arguments
  • Scripting for Administrators
    • Why Write Scripts
    • Scripting Complicated Commands
    • Troubleshooting Your Systems
    • Removing Minor Annoyances
    • Cleaning Up Data
    • Automating Daily Work

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Module/Project Name                                                                                                            Sessions

1.  Linux System Administration, Level - 0. click here for more ...                                                     5

2.  C Programming and Data Structures using Linux, Level - 0. click here for more ...                  50

3.  Shell Scripting using Bash. click here for more ...                                                                       10

4.  C++ with Eclipse on Linux. click here for more ...                                                                      20

5.  Linux System Programming, Level - 0. click here for more ...                                                     20

6.  Linux Network Administration. Level - 0.  click here for more ...                                                10

7.  Linux Network Programming, Level - 0. click here for more ...                                                   10

8.  Character Device Driver Development. click here for more ...                                                    20

9.  Block Device Driver Development. click here for more ...                                                           10

10. Embedded Linux ARM using Storage. click here for more ...                                                      10

        Total                  165 Sessions



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