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Software - Design, Development, Debugging

This is a Hands-on, Project based Career Oriented, Training Program for people aspiring to become Succcessful Software Engineer and kick-start their career as Software Developer. It consists of Linux, Shell Scipting, Eclipse, C, C++, Python and Java. The behaviorial nature of training is such that every session is followed by as assignment and eery module is followed by a Project. So there is going to be a Project each in C, C++, Python and Java. These projects help people seeking Industrial and Project Exposure and want to understand the Project Design Life-Cycle. This training aims at optimizing your ability to understand the probles/issue/idea, analyse and design the solution, develop algorithms and provide solutions through programs.

Salient Festures of The Training Program:

  • Training Objective:

The objective of the course is to provide trainees with the software design, programming and debigging skills/tools. The course aims to enhance their analytical and programming skills, algorithms development, software architecture functions. During the training we work on making the trainee think about solutions, generate logic, convert logic to algorithm, then evolve software solutions.  Most of the time in the course will be spent working on projects related to the training modules.

This course is designed to ensure that aspiring candidate with academic capabilities will have the skill set needed to deal with the challenges involved in real-world software and embedded technologies to meet the needs of industries both today and in the future.

The course considers program design, techniques and implementations, that are unique way of learning at Emblogic.

The course is taught mainly using the Eclipse IDE, Linux with with gcc and g++ compilers.


There are 7 modules in SDDD Training


Project based Training/Modules


Sessions Labs Hours

Linux Systems Administration ...

  5 5 25

Shell Scripting using Bash ...

  10 2 20

Data Structures using C with gcc, gdb on Linux ...


30 40 190

OOPs using C++ with Eclipse on Linux ...


20 25 120

Python with Eclipse on Linux...


20 25 100

Linux Network Administration ...

  10 5 30

Core-Java with Eclipse on Linux ...

Project 20 25 120


  115 127 623

After The Training is over The Trainee would be able to:  click here...

  • Pre-requisite
    • The candidate should be already persuing or completed any of the Following programs:-
      • BE, B Tech in Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, instrumentation.
      • ME, M Tech in Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, instrumentation or MCA.
  • Agenda:
    • ​The Duration of Training Would be:
      • 120 working days
      • 115 Classroom Sessions of 1 Hours each.
      • 127 Lab Sessions of 4 hours each.
      • 623 Hours of intensive training
    • ​Training Methodology:
      • Hands on approach to training, behaviorial model of training would be practiced.
      • During the training, the Trainee whould implement 4 project based on C, C++, Python and Java.
      • Comitment to Individual growth and constant evaluation.



"Software - Design, Development, Debugging" is Hands-on, project based career oriented, training program for BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech from the streams of Computer Science, Information Technologies, Instrumentation or Master of Computer Applications. This trainig aims at building your career with respect to software and technologies related to programming software application, web, networks, devices, System Software etc.

This training program is a comprehensive, projects based training program. It aims to teach you the fundamental concepts and terminology of software application development. It will also develop your skills in designing and writing simple computer programs. It comprises of Linux system / network administration, Shell Scripting using Bash, Data Structures with C, OOps using C++, Python, Linux programming, device programming and client server using IPC, FTP, network programming.

Training Resources...

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