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Placement Program and Interview @ EmbLogic


There is an opening with one of our client. The job description, role and skills are described below. 
This role requires design and implementation of new features and product enhancements in the agent-based components of our core product(s). Candidate will be involved in end-to-end delivery of the feature(s), from gathering of user requirements to quality testing and sign off.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Gathering of feature requirements from relevant parties and creation of design and implementation plan
Performing research and feasibility study on suggested areas
Necessary development in C, C++ or C# to achieve desired results
Component testing of developed features and product enhancements
Coordination with testing team for overall product testing of developed changes
Skills required:
Solid understanding of C/C++, C# and object-oriented programming concepts
Solid understanding of operating systems, computer networks, network protocols,
cryptography, network security with appropriate programming exposure in this areas
Solid understanding of embedded databases, server-based databases and SQL
Experience with using programming IDEs and code management tools
Experience with device driver development in Windows / UNIX platforms
Experience with multithreading and concurrency management
Understanding of component testing frameworks and debuggers
Understanding of data interchange formats like JSON, XML
C/C++, Advanced C
Kernel level development
Driver development
OS internals
Socket programing
Deep understanding of various network communication protocols
Experience in developing various communication based applications like in telecom
domain, Chatting applications, Voice over internet application any other P2P application.

EmbLogic™ is an ISO 9001:2008(QMS) (Quality Management System) Certified Company.


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