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IOT - Linux System Administration

Projects based Industrial Training Program

Internet of Things (IoT)

Training Contents for Module 1: Linux Systems

Linux System Administration

fedora, Ubuntu, Debian

Install Linux based Operating Systems. fedora, Ubuntu & Debian,
Do User administration (setup and maintaining account),
Maintain systems, Verify ports and peripherals,
monitor system performance, Create and mantain file-systems,
install software and do software management, create a backup and recover policy,
monitor Linux n/w communication, configure remote login services,
update system and application Software comes out using git,
implement the policies for the use of the computer system & network,
Setup security policies, have a strong grasp of computer security -
firewalls, intrusion detection),
understand Process control and Memory control

                                                      There are 6 modules and 3 Projects in the Training

Sl No

Module Name

Sessions  Labs     Hours  

Linux Systems Administration. click here for more...

5 5 30

Shell Scripting using Bash. click here for more...

10 10 60

Linux Network Administration. click here for more...

10 10 60

Embedded/IoT Systems using ARM with 2 Projects. click here for more ...

10 10 60

IoT Communication Protocols. click here for more ...

15 15 90

IoT Project Development. click here for more ...

10 20 100


60 70 400


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