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Embedded Linux ARM, Configuring and Porting using Storage

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C and Embedded Linux with ARM

Module 05: Embedded Linux, ARM, Configuring and Porting using Storage 


"Embedded Linux BSP with ARM" is an intensive, Hands-on, project based, training program for BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech from the streams of Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technologies, Instrumentation, BCA, MCA. This training aims at imparting, ingraining efficient embedded operating system configuration and porting skills and ability to configure toolchain and prepare bootloaders.

Embedded Linux is the use of Linux in embedded computer systems such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, media players, set-top boxes, and other consumer electronics devices, networking equipment, machine control, industrial automation, navigation equipment and medical instruments. According to survey conducted by Venture Development Corporation, Linux was used by 28% of embedded engineers.

Embedded Linux is the version of Linux running on processors with a Memory Management Unit (MMU). Processors without MMU can run a modified version of Linux called uClinux. The uClinux tab provides pre-built uClinux images for specific ARM processors

Training Contents for Module 12: An Embedded Linux ARM, Configuring and Porting using Storage

  • ​Understand ARM Embedded Microprocessor Architecture
  • Understand Linux kernel Architecture
  • Build a cross compiled toolchain
  • configure bootloader U-boot
  • Configure kernel internals,
  • (cross)compile and boot a Linux kernel
  • Port Embedded Linux kernel on ARM based board
  • Create a simple, BusyBox based root filesystem from scratch
  • understand block filesystems layers
  • Create Flash filesystems – Manipulating flash partitions
  • Cross-compile libraries and applications
  • Use Embedded system building tools
  • Configure, port and install an Embedded Linux OS on ARM based Device
  • Develop and debug applications for the embedded system
  • Do system optimizations

Other Modules in C and Embedded Linux with ARM Training are as follows.

Sl No Module / Project Sessions Labs Hours

Linux System Administration.   click here for more...

5 5 30

Data Structures with C using Linux, vim, gcc, gdb, SCCT.   click here for more...

25 35 190

Shell Scripting using Bash.   click here for more...

10 5 52

Linux Network Administration.   click here for more...

5 5 30

Embedded Linux ARM, Configuring and Porting using Storage.   click here for more...

10 10 60

An Embedded Linux on ARM, Configuring GUI and Interfaces.   click here for more...

10 10 60
  Total 65 70 410


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