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After - C and Embedded Linux with ARM

C and Embedded Linux with ARM

After The Training is over, the trainee should be able to...

  • Linux System Administration.
    • Install Linux OS fedora,Ubuntu & Debian
    • Do User administration (setup and maintaining account), 
    • Maintain systems, Verify ports and peripherals, 
    • Quickly arrange repair for h/w in occasion of h/w failure
    • monitor system performance,
    • Create and mantain file-systems, 
    • Install software and do software management,
    • create a backup and recover policy,  
    • monitor Linux n/w communication, configure remote login services,
    • update system as soon as new version of OS and application Software comes out using git,
    • implement the policies for the use of the computer system & network,  
    • Setup security policies, have a strong grasp of computer security (firewalls & intrusion detection systems),
    • understand Process control and Memory control
  • ​Data Structures with C using Linux, vim, gcc, gdb, SCCT.
    • Comfortable with respect to programming in C.
    • Able to Implement and use Data Structures using C.
    • Proficient in Advanced data Structures in C.
    • Having good understanding about gcc compiler.
    • debug complex C programs using gdb.
    • Adept with Project Management tools.
    • Efficient with Source Code Control tools.
  • ​Shell Scripting using Bash.
    • Build Shell Scripts using Bash from scratch
    • Use structured commands,
    • Handle user input,
    • Debug Shell Scripts
    • Understand advanced bash shell commands, Environment variables, and Linux File Permissions
    • Present data, run and control Scripts with Ease
    • Create functions / graphics using scripts
    • Do Scripting using sed, awk, gawk & regular expressions efficiently
    • Configure and use make, makefile
    • Create makefile for system configuration, network configuration, device drivers compilation and insertion
    • Maintainig kernel and filesystems
    • Shell Scripting for creating, maintaning Networks
    • Shell Scripting for embedded linux kernel development
  • Linux Network Administration.
    • Configuring Remote Login Services: Telnet and SSH
      • RFC 854, ICMP RFC 792, Security, Configuring  TELNET on Linux based systems, Telnet 5250, Telnet data, Related RFCs, Telnet Clients.
    • SSH: Installing
      • Public keys manually and automatically, Using the ssh  agent program, X11 Session Forwarding, TCP Port Forwarding,
    • SOCKS5 proxying, Running Commands Over SSH, Using SCP, using SSH Sessions.
    • Configuring FTP and TFTP Servers
      • FTP: Communication and data transfer, Login Anonymous FTP, NAT and firewall traversal, Differences from HTTP, Web browser support, Security-Secure FTP, FTPS, SFTP, FTP over SSH (not SFTP), FTP reply codes.
    • TFTP:
      • Introduction to protocol, TFTP Clients and Servers, RFC 1350,
    • ​Configuring DHCP Server
      • DHCP discovery, DHCP offer, DHCP request, DHCP acknowledgement, DHCP information, DHCP releasing, Client configuration parameters, DHCP options, Vendor identification, DHCP relaying, Reliability, Security.
    • ​Configuring NFS
      • Versions and variations, NFSv2, NFSv3, NFSv4, Other extensions, Platforms, Typical implementation, Protocol development. Configuring the Server, Configuring the Client, Locking, Automating Mounts.
  • Embedded Linux ARM, Configuring and Porting using Storage.
    • Understand ARM Embedded Microprocessor Architecture
    • Write shell scripts using Bash
    • Understand Linux kernel Architecture
    • Build a cross compiled toolchain
    • configure bootloader U-boot
    • Configure kernel internals, (cross)compile and boot a Linux kernel
    • Port Embedded Linux kernel on ARM based board
    • Create a simple, BusyBox based root filesystem from scratch
    • understand block filesystems layers
    • Create Flash filesystems – Manipulating flash partitions
    • Cross-compile libraries and applications
    • Use Embedded system building tools
    • Configure, port and install an Embedded Linux Operating System on ARM based Device
    • Develop and debug applications for the embedded system
    • Do system optimizations


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