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USB Driver

how to fetch the productid and vendor id of usb device dynamically….

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E5: Status of character driver

All E5 batch’s students are advised to update their current work status or progress in regard of character driver. Please all reply on same thread.  

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N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcsa6 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcs6 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcsa5 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcs5 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcsa3 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcs3 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcsa4 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcs4 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcsa2 N testmodule-cvs/dev/vcs2 N testmodule-cvs/dev/gpmctl cvs import: ERROR: cannot read file gpmctl: No such device or address N testmodule-cvs/dev/log cvs import: ERROR: cannot … Continue reading

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