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Embedded Systems Software Engineering
An Ineffable detailed, Projects based Comprehensive, Hands-on Training Program. Covering a complete Device Design Cycle. Aims at Creating a Complete Engineer/Professional Package for Potential Employees.
Embedded Linux Kernel Internals with ARM, Device Drivers
Comprehensive, Behavioral, Hands-on, Project based, Intensive Training Program for Engineers who can provide intelligent solutions. Implementing 10 different Projects. Starting on Tuesday 5th Jan 2016.
Industrial Automation and Control Systems
Industrial Automation and Process Control is a project based Career Oriented Training program aimed at imparting skills in trainees such that they can work and automate industrial operations and design flow control.
Internet of Things
IoT is all about Inter-networking the devices. i.e. network of devices and people. The training program covers s/w, h/w, protocols and networking... A complete learning curve.
Software Design, Development and Debugging
It is Hands-on, project based career oriented, training program for BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech from the streams of CSE, IT, Instrumentation, MCA.
Advanced Embedded Systems Using Linux, ARM and Device Drivers
A Project based Training program cover all the essential aspects for incorporating intelligence into devices. Tailored for Engineers who wanted to make their Career in the respective domain. Program Starting on Tuesday Jan 5, 2016.
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