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usb driver.probe function not call properly ? please provide me appropriate solution?

#include<linux/init.h> #include<linux/module.h> #include<linux/kernel.h> #include<linux/usb.h> #include<linux/fs.h>              //for struct file_operations #include<linux/slab.h>           //for kmalloc #include<linux/kref.h>          //for struct kref #include<linux/mutex.h>        //for struct mutex #include<linux/device.h>      //for structure device #include<linux/completion.h>  //for struct completion #include<linux/interrupt.h> #include<linux/writeback.h> MODULE_LICENSE(“GPL”); MODULE_AUTHOR(“lkm”); static int gdm7213_probe(struct usb_interface *interface, const struct usb_device_id *id); … Continue reading

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tool chain……….

is there  need to make and install kernel after the configuration .and what contents are accessory to add for arm processor during conflagration ??????

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Tool chain???????

could any body suggested me the compatible version for creating a toolchain????//

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float representation in memory and how can i get it byte by byte seperatly????


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Arm xm-board boot sequence????/

dear listener, i requested u to please tell me the correct boot sequence if i want to boot from pen drive.

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Memory address:

int *ptr,a; ptr=&a; printf(“%p”,ptr); is it prints the physical address of ram or logical??

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what is the main theme of the suffix in the makefile???

i m very grateful if ur answer delighted me???

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serial port (implementing interrupts)?????

process for implementing interrupts in serial port,we have done normal communication by fifo mode and also defined and init the handler function with irq 4,5. but it dose not work properly, please overcome me form this nuisance.

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memory mapping??????///

what is the difference between memory mapped io and port mapped io. and please tell me , parallel port and serial port which memory mapping followed??

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rcs(co -l file name)?????/

why this l flag is used???

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Rcs(project management tool)????

If it is possible :how i can include header or other files into the .c,v file ? it only takes one file, it means i have to make other rcs file for  header files.

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parallel port and its modes????

our realistic work: compatibility: sends one byte data on data port line and take the output by leds, nibble mode: sends data on upper 4bits of the data port and receive by the upper bits of the status register . … Continue reading

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proc file system………

How we can access our sucll_dev structure of specific device by a proc file system or in its function  like read proc ()……….??????/

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how linux os  is more secure then windows , however the linux is open source and any body easily catch the kernel and access it………………..???????????//

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Discussion over the compilation process,linker at link time and run time……

Sir we have only abstract knowledge about compilation process,linker, loader, and shared objects at run time,and about kernel modules at run time….So its important concept and we requested you to please  organize comprehensible lecture on this topic……

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