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Product Engineering Services

Organizations today are looking for innovative engineering solutions that span across the entire product lifecycle to drive down expenditure and accelerate time-to-market. Our next generation product engineering solutions help product companies achieve competitive advantage through improved efficiency in all aspects of product development. The Product Engineering team at EmbLogic provides end-to-end services, including new product development, product re-engineering, product sustenance and product testing to organizations across the globe. Our Industry solutions, proprietary methodologies coupled with a strong team of subject matter experts provide best-in-class solutions to enterprises across networking and communications, consumer electronics and hi-tech manufacturing domains.

Service Offerings:

Our services span across the entire product life cycle and cover embedded systems and software products. Our core focus areas include:

  • Product Development
    • Microcontroller Programming
    • Firmware Development
    • Device Drivers Development
    • OS Customization
    • Middleware Development
    • Protocol Stack Enhancement
    • Application Software Development
    • User Interface Development
  • Product Re-engineering and Product Sustenance
    • Device Driver Porting
    • Operating System Porting
    • Product Migration and Modernization
    • Bug fixes, Enhancements, Support and Maintenance
  • Product Testing
    • Test Consulting
    • Test Automation
    • Test Planning and Execution
    • QA - Test tools development
  • Value Added Services
    • System Integration
    • Product Customization
    • Product Localization

Value Proposition

We assure customers faster time-to-market, improved product quality, and significant cost savings through our differentiators:

  • Agile R&D Lab
  • Solution Blue Print – proven methodology for rapid product development
  • Network Product Test Accelerator
  • Reusable embedded/software component library
  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence (CoE) to foster customer centric innovation


EmbLogic is an ISO 9001:2008(QMS) (Quality Management System) Certified Company




Data Structures with C using Linux, vim, gcc, gdb, SCCT

C is a general-purpose, high level computer programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the UNIX operating system. Although C was designed for implementing system software, it is also widely used for developing portable application software. It is one of the most popular programming languages and there are very few computer architectures for which a C compiler does not exist.

Oct 27, 2018

Celebrated 9th Foundation Day

Monday, 18th June 2018 is Foundation Day. A day etched with resolve, dedication, determination, vision and history. This day, we celebrate the birthday of EmbLogic.

Jun 16, 2018

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