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Device Drivers

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Description about Module 4: Device Drivers Development

  • Character Device Driver Development
    • Introduction to Device Driver Architecture
    • Device RegistrationIn and itialization
    • Device IO Operations
      • Writing, Reading and Trimming
    • Device Operations
      • Seeking
    • Device Access and Synchronization
      • Semaphores,
      • Completion,
      • Spinlocks,
      • wait Queues,
      • Blocking IO,
      • Atomic Variables,
      • Bit Manipulators
    • IO Control using IOCTL
    • IO Prefectchins using Sequential Files
    • Software Implemented, Pseudo File System. /proc
    • Timing Measurements
      • Delays
      • Timers
      • Tasklets
    • Introcduction To Interrupts
    • Interrupt Handling
      • IRQs
      • ISRs
      • Top half
      • Bottom Half
    • sysfs
    • A Complete Device Driver should be Implemented From Scratch
  • Parallel Port Device Driver Development
    • Introduction to IEEE 1284 Protocol
    • Introduction to Parall Port Architecture
    • Device Driver Registration and Initialization
    • Accessing The IO Region
    • IO Operation through Parallel Port
    • Implementing Parallel Port Device Driver in
      • ​Byte Mode
      • Compatibility Mode
      • Bibble Mode
      • ECP Mode
      • EPP Mode
  • Serial Port Device Driver Development
    • Introduction to RS232 Protocol
    • Introduction to PC16550D Serial Chip
    • Registering and Initializing The Serial Port Device Driver
    • Accessing the serial port though IO Region
    • Implementing
      • Unidirectional IO using Own Serial Driver
      • Bidirectional IO using Own Serial Driver
  • Block Device Driver Development
    • Introduction to Kernel Block IO Layer
    • Introduction to Block Device Driver Architecture
    • Block Device Driver Registration and Initialization
    • Gendisk Allocation
    • Block Data Structures and Methods
    • IO Scheduling
    • Request Queue Configuration
    • Request Queue Architecture
    • Implementing Block IO Operations
      • ​open
      • ioctl
      • direct_access
      • media_change
      • getgeo
    • Request Processing and Optimization
    • Direct memory Access (DMA)


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