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Embedded Linux Systems with ARM

Career Oriented Projects based Training Program

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Linux Systems

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Software Programming

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System / Nw Programming

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Device Drivers

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Embedded Systems

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Communication Protocols

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Projects  Development

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Description about Module 4: Embedded Systems

Embedded Processors:

  • ARM Cortex A8, A9
    • Overview of the Cortex Architecture, Exploring Features of the Cortex-A8 Microarchitecture
    • Superscalar Pipeline, Branch Prediction, Level-1 Cache, Level-2 Cache
    • NEON media engine, Implementation flows

Embedded Linux:

  • Understand ARM Embedded Microprocessor Architecture
  • Understand Linux kernel Architecture
  • Build a cross compiled toolchain
  • configure bootloader U-boot
  • Configure kernel internals, (cross)compile and boot a Linux kernel
  • Port Embedded Linux kernel on ARM based board
  • Create a simple, BusyBox based root filesystem from scratch
  • understand block filesystems layers
  • Create Flash filesystems – Manipulating flash partitions
  • Cross-compile libraries and applications
  • Use Embedded system building tools
  • Configure, port and install an Embedded Linux OS on ARM based Device
  • Develop and debug applications for the embedded system
  • Do system optimizations


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