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System and Network Programming

Career Oriented Projects based Training Program

Internet of Thinggs (IoT)








Linux Systems

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Software Programming

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System / Nw Programming

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Device Drivers

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Embedded Systems

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Communication Protocols

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Projects  Development

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Description about Module 3: System and Network Programming

System Programming:

  • Process Management: Process creation, duplication, replacement
  • Signals: Understand the concept of signals and install signal handlers, working with advanced signal handling mechanism
  • Inter Process Communication: Pipes, FIFO, Message Queues, Shared Memory
  • Synchronization Techniques: semaphores
  • Threads: understand the concept of threads and implement multithreaded programs efficiently

Network Programming:

  • The Linux networking stack, Linux based Sockets efficiently, Implement elementary sockets, TCP sockets, UDP sockets, SCTP sockets
  • Implement TCP client / server model, IO multiplexinu. select and poll
  • Understand socket options like getsockapt, setsockapt, socket states,  generis socket options, IPv4 sockets, ICMPv6 sockets, IPv6 sockets, fcntl
  • Implementing SMTP client / server model, name and address conversions
  • IPv4 and IPv6 inter-operability
  • IPv4 client - IPv6 server, IPv6 client - IPv4 server, IPv6 address,  testing macros, source code portability
  • Deamon Processes and inetd Superserver
  • Advanced IO functions and Non-blocking IO and ioctl operations
  • Routing Sockets, key management sockets
  • Broadcasting and Multicasting using Sockets


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