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Career Oriented Projects based Training Program

Internet of Thinggs (IoT)



Module-3 Module-4




Linux Systems

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Software Programming

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System / Nw Programming

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Device Drivers

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Embedded Systems

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Communication Protocols

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Projects  Development

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Description about Module 1: Linux

Operating Systems: Linux

  • fedora, Ubuntu, Debian
    • Install Linux based Operating Systems. fedora, Ubuntu & Debian,
    • Do User administration (setup and maintaining account),
    • Maintain systems, Verify ports and peripherals, 
    • monitor system performance, Create and mantain file-systems, 
    • install software and do software management, create a backup and recover policy,  
    • monitor Linux n/w communication, configure remote login services,
    • update system and application Software comes out using git,
    • implement the policies for the use of the computer system & network,  
    • Setup security policies, have a strong grasp of computer security - firewalls, intrusion detection),
    • understand Process control and Memory control


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