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Pavansing Gokul Patil

Pavansing Gokul Patil

Date Posted: 13 Mar, 2010
Please explain the course activity that you felt was the highlight of the program.

hi Emblogicians, I am Pavansing Patil from Batch E5,I would like to take this opportunity and thank Emblogic for its tremendous performance in supporting me in every walk of my life.Let me share few worthful experiences at Emblogic Embedded Technology Pvt Ltd ,Noida through this mail.I recommend that who wants to build his career in the field of embedded please join the Emblogic.when I came to Emblogic i didn't knew about C language and in simply i m nothing,but after came here i happily joined the emblogic and i think its best decision of my life.I dont want to make it a speech or something but just want to give u a glimpse of my life in holly-jolly Emblogic.But i find myself lucky to be a part of such a wonderful team(Batch E5). The highlight of the training is off course Linux device driver and Embedded Linux with ARM.

Please provide further comments on training program, course contents and the trainer.

The training program is very effective and nice and its based on recent trend in embedded industry and who know better than Pravjot sir.I m feeling very lucky and proud to be myself that i am student of Pravjot sir."Thanks" is a very small word to bring up my emotions and i really dont wish to express that way. How can i ever forget to mention the all-time support from Emblogic staff(Pravjot sir,siddarth sir,Kamal mam,vaibhav sir, Varun sir).

Your valuable suggestions on making the training program more effective and relevant are welcome.

I m not in such a position to give a suggestion to Emblogic. sir is always two steps ahead than other(Industry).The training programme is very flexible that is we got double than expect.I am proud to say that no candidate can beat "Emblogicians" in Embedded Industry. TH

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