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query about driver installation

i have two kernels on my desktop..

i boot my system using one kernel and installed drivers of wireless usb stick(usb wifi-dongule) on that kernel using ndiswrapper..

its working properly..

but when i boot the system using second kernel its not working..

do we have to install the drivers on every kernel separately..??

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  1. it should not happen as to my knowledge, ndiswrapper is loadable kernel module..it should work with any kernel.

    it may be possible that ur driver may not be loaded on its on in the another kernel (u remember we use to do ” ifconfig wlan0 up” & “modeprobe ndiswrapper” in insti.
    try tht.if it does not work .try installing driver in other kernel ..

    please keep me posted :)

    • arun chauhan says:

      after the command- ifconfig wlan0 up
      i got this- No such device
      and after the command- modprobe ndiswrapper
      i got this- FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found.

      if i install driver separately then it works..
      but it should not be..
      i think you are getting what i want to say..!!

      • msiddarth says:

        Yes we have to install ndiswrapper on another kernel. Because any package is compiled and configured taking the base of the current kernel version in which we are working.

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