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5 Fuckr That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

This website is a total scam there is absolutely no comparison! Don’t spend money here when they are literally just stealing your cash and working with it, there are barely ANY girls on here! Even if a number of many thousands of spam messages that you get is real – it’ll cost you a MINIMUM of 60 only to see it. A definite scam. Pathetic.

There’s only a few redeeming aspects to this site and that’s that if you squint you can SOMETIMES locate a true girl, but probably she won’t answer your messages. Non of these profile were real, the majority of them coming from china and America requesting log in their private site. Fuckr.com is one of these sites where I am not sure whether it is legit or not but I am giving it a shot anyway because a number of these girls look potentially quite adorable! Only a scam,there are not any contacts.if that you do contact anybody the profile is bogus that they simply want your cash,have to get closed down.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. THIS SITE IS FULL OF FAKES AND EMPTY PROFILES!

Each profile I came around was imitation and scammers were supporting it. I just wanted to test out Fuckr.com for the hell of it and I wound up with a massive hassle and some wasted cash. Absolutely no real profiles on their don’t waste your time or money.

Pretty low rating on my end, I cannot stand this site, it’s just full of fakes and you will not get one hook let alone one message returned thus don’t bother! Know better, select much better. A terrible case of I want I couldn’t leave a bad review on something to get a chance but oh well this site is just that bad I have to.

Pure scam with bogus profiles rather than made a link don’t use it or squander your money on this kind of app! Lots of fake profiles and each single time you send message that they haul one to send a third and second person and it never worked. Don’t bother with this one. Only drain on your cash.

As always I am frightened of a site being a scam site. Not worth your time spent to provide it a chnace but one individual on the full area neighborhood to me personally were scammers, attempting to catch credit card information. I believe this one is probably one at the end of the afternoon as I have YET to get a single hook on here let alone a returned message. They’re cleaned off quite fast, but to get a premium support they shouldn’t’ve got there from the 1st location. You shouldn’t waste fuckr.com messages more money and time because beloved god you will NOT GET LAID. There are not any available filters, which means you’ll be bombarded with unwanted messages out of folks of all ages from anywhere on earth.

Bear in mind that! Sign up is simple, most likely the only and for this cash grabbing website. No comparison. . .this site is really the worst.

Support is of no help in any way, saying that their members prefer to travel and at that vein enable anybody to contact anybody. Not only will you not get put but there’s a excellent chance that you’ll wind up with an inbox of spam e-mails or even a virus onto your computer! The majority of the messages are usually from non paying members needing you to pay to see their message, or just winks etc. but it takes some time to form equating to a entire waste of cash for paying members.

Likely a scam but at least enjoy the bad profiles though you’re browsing. As one man my advice would be don’t waste your time or money . I’M NOT SURE IF Fuckr.COM IS LEGIT BUT I’M HOPING IT IS. Go purchase a carton and talk with your neighbor, you can’t know, you could get lucky. I truly want a date with one of these girls. . .but they harbor ‘t replied to my messages up to now!! The site is simply filled with scammers. Just not great and there is nothing that will allow it to be great unless they do a full site rehaul. Twice within my first two weeks I had connections where after transferring off the conversation website to email and getting into the purpose of meeting up, I had been requested to confirm myself through a number "Safe Hookup Verification" before meeting up that was clearly some scam to receive my details.

Good luck hoping for that! It’s in poor shape and at the current moment not useful at all. It’s filled with fake profiles that are obviously only bait to find the guys keen and utilizing credits. Unfortunately I’ve got really few things to say that are great after doing my test run of Fuckr.com. Plus it’s rather expensive to ship correspondence. First of all these girls just DON’T answer messages! A total let down.

You’re simply being scammed. For me personally this is really a F rating. When there’s a way to nuke this company into oblivion and toss its own founders behind bars, somebody needs to take action ASAP. A lousy site that won’t get you put is basically the kiss of death in my book and have nothing to look on this site now. I don’t know how this company is lawfully running – it needs to be closed down by now. Regrettably another negative review, this isn’t a good site and there are just NO girls lurking around… a pity since the old pics of these are actually pretty hot!

I signed a couple of days back. Fuckr.com has yet to come through for me on dating but I’m still giving it a go. Obtained a barrage of msgs from junk accounts. Who knows, perhaps one of these days those hot girls will really reply! One stood out and seemed real. A noted scam site in my book and one I will avoid from now on.

It looks like a real woman by the answers so I didn’t believe a lot of it. Don’t spend money here it’s just a trap and you won’t meet at least one of these women . She delivered her email. My favourite hookup site online! Fuckr.com REALLY falls short of this mark and ‘s since the woman to guy ratio is merely COMPLETELY OFF. Before organising to fulfill she requests to complete a confirmation of identity that took me into a different website named blackbookmatch.com. Get more girls on here!

Then I realised that my time was wasted by a scammer searching for credit card information.

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