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problem in qmake in Qt5.5

today i was about to start my first QT project  and after typing my first qt application ,

when i tried to qmake my project using ,

qmake -project

it was showing that couldn’t locate qmake


so actually it was not able to locate the qmake command to make our project

and in qt 5.5 our qmake command is located at location :


so what i have to do is to install the default qt file using command

apt-get install qt5-default

so this will create a directory


so it has a qmake file

simply open it and add your qmake file address to this file at the first place


then save the file and go to your project directory and give the qmake -project command

now your project will start to run your qmake commands

now you  can do your other following steps

it worked for me



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