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8th Foundation Day Invitation


What does it take to start up? A brilliant idea? A great team? Money? Yes. All of those things. But more than anything what it takes, is belief. A belief that there is significance to the problem being addressed, and that the solution is something which the consumer wants. It is really amazing how EmbLogic have such humble story of starting up.

EmbLogic started on 18th June 2010 with nothing but just plain conviction.

Celebrating Foundation Day

Sunday, 18th June 2017 is Foundation Day. A day etched with resolve, dedication, determination, vision and history. This day, we celebrate the birthday of EmbLogic.

“It is very important to know where you’ve come from. On this day we are reminded of how the institution was formed 7 years ago. Today we reflect on the very early days of EmbLogic and how far we have come as an EmbLogicians community.”

Foundation Day celebrates our past, who we are and where we are going. We’re proud of our past and present students, alumni, staff and our community. We celebrate the people who make up our community and our commitment to the public good.

Why we celebrate Foundation Day

Foundation Day is about uniting the EmbLogic community and having a sense of belonging. We encourage you to be proud of being part of our Our Success Story. The day gives us the chance to engage with our communities. We tell our communities of our ongoing value, commitment to them and what we do. It is also an opportunity to have fun and promote worthwhile causes.

Foundation Dat Schedule


Sunday. June 18th, 2017




10:00 am        

The day will start with Foundation Day tradition: Prayers, Prasad and Resolution.

10:30 am
Eat Glitter for breakfast and Shine all day
11:00 am
Emblogicians Speak

EmbLogicians and Ex-EmbLogicians share their experiences about learning at EmbLogic and About further improvements.

This day allows The EmbLogicians, the time to reflect and appreciate the EmbLogic’s history. After opening welcome, prayers and readings, a very special address will be given by Founder and Director. Mr Pravjot Singh.

12:00 pm
Our Policy on Cake is... "Pro-Having it, Pro-Eating It".
12:30 pm
Good Food is all The Sweeter, when shared with Good Friends
1:30 pm
Launching "Embedded and IOT" Training Program

EmbLogic's new initiative for this year, for staying ahead in the industry and its requirements.

2:30 pm
For Good Ideas and True Innovation, You Need Human Interaction, Conflict, Argument, Debate and Conclusion.
3:30 pm
Mad Ads
Make it Simple, not Significant
4:30 pm
Prizes and Memontoes
Acknowledgements and Motivaions.
5:00 pm
Party and Music
When Life Hands You Lemons, Burst Out The Taquila and The Salt.

EmbLogic™ is an ISO 9001:2008(QMS) (Quality Management System) Certified Company.

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